Around.WS (Around Wallet Services) is an easy-to-use Bitcoin transaction website for anonymously and privately transferring funds between Bitcoin wallets, addresses and bank accounts.

The beauty of Around Wallet Services is in its simplicity.

  • You don’t need to have a Bitcoin wallet or a bank account to do a Bitcoin transfer.
  • You do not even need a login name or password to use Around Wallet Services – simply select the type of transaction, enter your Bitcoin details, click the transfer done, and you’re done.

For more information about the philosophy behind Around.WS, see this article.

Some technical details:

All the data and communication used in Around.WS is secured with industry-standard encryption.

Also, Around Wallet Services’ servers only rely on trusted open-source technology, are hidden in the cloud, and have been setup to block any type of attack.

Around Wallet Services is completely safe to use. No logs of any kind are kept by our servers. We do not know if you have ever visited the site, or made any use of it. More importantly, if anyone asks us to reveal your information, we would not be able to reveal anything about you, since there is nothing about you that we are able to reveal. There is no record of you at all. You are completely anonymous, and all your transactions are private.

Around Wallet Services will never store any of your data. Frankly, Around Wallet Services has no use for your data. Your session data is stored temporarily in-memory on our servers, and in your browser, while your session is active. Afterwards, your session data is wiped. This is a necessary evil, so that the data in your session is safely encrypted. However, after a few idle minutes, or after you complete your session, all of your session data is automatically destroyed, leaving no trace that we ever had contact with each other.

Of course, your internet service provider might still be tracking you by keeping a record of the sites you access, so it’s a good idea, for your own protection, to do the following things:

  • Use an anonymizing browser, e.g. Tor Browser.
  • Use a public internet hot-spot (e.g. library, workplace, school or coffee shop), so that the IP address you use cannot be traced back to you.
  • Use a VPN (virtual private network) that is located outside your own country, through which to route your internet traffic.