We have all heard about Bitcoin by now, and about how it is the money of the future, and that it is the best thing since sliced bread (or sliced coin?).

But what is money?

Money is the ability to get goods and services. And banks control the creation and flow of all money in the world.

It’s reasonable to believe that banks are a safe place to put your funds. But banks actually use your funds to “create” more funds, causing inflation. Inflation is the rate at which your money loses value, because banks create money out of nothing. Banks are stealing the value of your money.

The process above, is why banks control you.

What can you do to take back your freedom?

The answer is Around Wallet Services.

With Around Wallet Services, you can transfer Bitcoin money, and you don’t even need to know what a Bitcoin is!

Easily do a direct Bitcoin Address-to-Address payment, no need for a Bitcoin wallet.

Not even a login name or password is needed. Just enter your Bitcoin details, click transfer, and you’re done.

All data and communication used in Around Wallet Services is secured with industry-standard encryption.

The Around Wallet Services servers only rely on trusted open-source technology, and have been setup to block any type of attack.

No logs of any kind are kept by Around Wallet Services, and your data is never stored.

Your transactions can be sent by you and only you, because Bitcoin transactions need to be digitally signed. Only you have the “private key” to sign and send your Bitcoin transactions. Around Wallet Services will sign your transaction for you, so that you can send Bitcoin to friends and family.

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