When using Around Wallet Services to transfer bitcoin, it is possible to select the amount of fee that should be used, to send your transaction. Fees are paid to miners in the Bitcoin network, as an incentive to them, for agreeing to confirm your transaction.

To confirm a transaction means to include the transaction into a Bitcoin block, and to add the block to the blockchain. A transaction must be confirmed, to reflect on the recipient’s balance. If a transaction is unconfirmed, it means the recipient is in the process of receiving the funds, but they are not able to spend the received funds yet.

You can choose to make the fee as small or big as you need, depending on how fast you want your transaction to be confirmed by the Bitcoin network. The higher fee you pay, the sooner your transaction will be confirmed.

The transaction below was sent through Around Wallet Services, and the resulting fee was set to 25 cents, using the website interface on https://around.ws/en/bitcoin/a2/.


Using the Around Wallet Services interface at https://around.ws/en/bitcoin/a2/, the fee to use for sending a Bitcoin transaction, can be easily set to the desired value.


Try it out at https://around.ws/en/bitcoin/a2/.