Your privacy and confidential information should be your highest priority.

Here at Searchable Scan, we have done our utmost best to create a solution which protects you with the best possible security, while at the same time being very easy to use.

SSL certificates:

  • All HTTP communication to Searchable Scan servers is protected with an SSL certificate.
  • Our email servers provide incoming and outgoing TLS security, so that the information in your emails cannot be read by anyone else but you.

Digital certificates:

  • The searchable documents that we create for you are digitally signed by an Adobe-certified certificate, so that you can rest assured that your data has not been tampered with, and so that you know we are committed to your privacy.

Password protection:

  • You have the option to optionally set a password on the documents that are generated by Searchable Scan and sent to the recipient email address that you have configured in your profile.

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